1 review. Abu Said Uthman III, Marinid ruler of Morocco from 19 March 1398 to 1420; Military Medieval period. Jean-Charles de Castelbajac, also known as JC/DC, born 28 November 1949 in Casablanca, Morocco, is a fashion designer. They established dynasties in Morocco and together with native Moroccan Berbers, extended control to what is now southern Spain and Portugal. Important information, general facts like geography and demographics, famous people, languages, and history of Morocco. Mohammed VI is the current King of Morocco. He was the editor of "L'Afrique réelle". He was aided by Madani al-Glaoui, older brother of T'hami one of the Caids of the Atlas. Ronald Jean-Martin Agénor is a former professional tennis player who represented Haïti during his playing career. Talal El Karkouri is a Moroccan former professional footballer. He is the 18th rider in the Tour to have won stages over 10 years apart. Benkirane's politics are democratic and Islamist. Abderrazak Hamdallah is a Moroccan footballer who plays as a striker for Aalesund in the Norwegian Tippeliga. 14 May 1996. Cerchi un alloggio per studenti a Lesquerde? All rights reserved. Moroccan Men. Since retiring as a player, he has served as France's Davis Cup team captain. Fouzia Rhissassi $4.50 + $1.20 shipping # AA q Vintage Amateur Negative To Make Photo From- Little Boy. When arriving at the Mohamed V International Airport, travelers will be able to board a train that will transport them directly to Rabat or to Casablanca. Lugan's notable work includes several books on Southern Africa, Morocco and Rwanda including "History of South Africa", When Africa was German and African Legacy, Solutions for a Community in Crisis where he describes how individualism hasn't replaced preexisting loyalties to clans, groups, and tribes. She studied philosophy at the University of Málaga and has taken part in several radio and television programs. His journeys included trips to North Africa, the Horn of Africa, West Africa and Eastern Europe in the West, and to the Middle East, South Asia, Central Asia, Southeast Asia and China in the East, a distance surpassing threefold his near-contemporary Marco Polo. Victoria Harbour is a hive of activity, and ships of all shapes and sizes chug, zip, or wallow past as the expert captains of the Star Ferries somehow avoid collisions. He was a member of the Alaouite Dynasty. During his career, Arazi captured one singles title, in Casablanca. He spent most of his life in Morocco, living in different cities (Salé, Marrakesh, Fes...), and was buried in Bab al-Futuh (south-eastern gate) cemetery in Fes. As well as the aforementioned nickname, some tennis analysts called him "The Moroccan McEnroe" due to his talent - he played with incredible touch, and often enjoyed the support of the crowd even when not at home. Mohammed Berrada (Beradah) Muhammad Ali. His Royal Highness Prince Moulay Hassan is the current heir apparent to the Moroccan throne. Many of his pupils later became prominent and furnished him with funds to print his Ohr ha-Chaim. Marcel Iures, famous great Romanian actor at movie premiere OCTAV He plays the leading role in this movie. He has written poetry, a book about poetry, and several historical and political essays, along with a study of Napoleon Bonaparte. It’s an astonishing 3.6 million square miles, taking up roughly 30% of Africa’s landscape. Several of these books have been translated into English and the Henri Cartier-Bresson biography has been translated into Chinese. There are few Jews in the country, most of them having relocated from Israel.A small number of Moroccans practice the Baha'i faith. As the Marquis de Castelbajac, he is a French nobleman. Who is the most famous person in Morocco? He has a younger sister, Princess Lalla Khadija. He holds a doctorate in international politics and serves Morocco as a diplomat. Ibn Battuta is considered to be among the great travellers of all time. He led Patrick Rafter, winner of the US Open in 1997 and 1998, two sets to love during the first round of the latter tournament. However, his result did not stand and he was excluded from the sport for two years after his test came back positive for the banned blood-boosting substance CERA. Sky is full of indigo color. In 2007, Vanunu was sentenced to six months in prison for violating terms of his parole. Rabat 32,987,206 inhabitants Mohammed Kaghat contact@daytranslations.com Call Us … He has been the Mayor of Rotterdam since January 5, 2009. As a scholar, historian and writer, Abdelhadi Tazi is a member of academic societies in Morocco and several other countries. Average prices start at around £60 per person for a 2 day, 1 night excursion. 13 June 1935. But despite her loss, she won the hearts of millions of people throughout the Arab world. 6. The left-hander reached his career-high ATP Tour singles ranking of World No. This Moroccan author writes in Arabic and has the distinction of being the first female Moroccan literary figure to have her work translated into English. He was received with great honor wherever he traveled. Are you related to anyone famous? He was elevated to the cardinalate in 2003. Wife of Sir Sean Connery. Mohammed V was Sultan of Morocco from 1927–53, exiled from 1953–55, where he was again recognized as Sultan upon his return, and King from 1957 to 1961. He has also served as president of the United Nations General Assembly. I know you are awesome, so why not make a donation using Paypal. Before his death in May 2010, he published several important books about Arab philosophical tradition and is also renowned for his work “The critique of the Arab Mind”. During the presentation ceremony, held the next day, Skah was loudly booed by the crowd as he received his medal; Chelimo received a standing ovation. As leader of the Left Party, he joined the Left Front before the 2009 European elections and was selected as the coalition's main candidate in the South-West region. He became, from 1991, host of television programs, first on France 2 and TF1. French-Moroccan Adult Film Star. You’ve probably seen pictures of it on Instagram, and you may be a little skeptical. Macha Méril is a French actress and writer. His urns containing sliced paintings are inspired by the horrors of 9/11 and the collapse of the Twin Towers in New York. Morocco is a religious country, and according to the CIA World Factbook 99% of Moroccans are Muslim. Protests in Algeria took place between 2010 and 2012; protesters demanded a regime change, as well as solutions to problems with unemployment, corruption, restrictions of freedom of speech, and poor living conditions. Villepin has enjoyed a modest return to public favour for his public critique of President Sarkozy's style of "imperial rule." In part, this is because they don’t know how to get to the Sahara Desert in Morocco and in part for convenience. Your Morocco Guide. More so when you realise that most of that … Yasmine Lafitte is a Moroccan pornographic actress who performs under the mononym "Yasmine". Amhali is also an actor and he has starred in several Dutch productions. Mostafa Nissaboury Born in 1936, Mohammed Abed Al-Jabri was a Moroccan critic, as well as a professor of Islamic thought and philosophy, and an expert in Arabic literature. Ezzaiki Badou, nicknamed "Zaki" was the manager of the Morocco national football team from 2002 to 2005. In response, Amnesty International issued a press release on 2 July 2007, stating that "The organisation considers Mordechai Vanunu to be a prisoner of conscience and calls for his immediate and unconditional release." This site is supported by ads. ” “ The interior is stunning in its detail and exquisite workmanship: marble columns surmounted by arches, intricate and geometric zellige tiles … 1929 AD. Ahmed Aboutaleb is a Dutch politician of the Labour Party. Calme Central Cosy … He also works as a tennis commentator for the most popular Arabic sports channel Al Jazeera Sports. Yasmine Lafitte. “ Wonderful UNESCO site of an ancient unfinished tomb with beautiful mausoleum for Kind Mohammad V designed by the world famous Vietnamese architect commissioned by the French before Morocco gained its independence. The famous Islamic scholar and explorer Ibn Battuta was from Morocco. Morocco Religion; Morocco People; Morocco dress code; The Original Medinas Handcrafts Morocco is known for its Medinas, which is cities downtown and a place to find the city’s famous handicrafts and traditional products. Leila Abouzeid Sleeps 6 • 2 bedrooms • 1 bathroom. Here are 10 things to know before you go. Abdelilah Benkirane is a Moroccan politician who has been Prime Minister of Morocco since 2011. Dounia Batma. In 2012, he signed a joint venture recording deal with Maybach Music Group and Bad Boy Records. By clicking Agree you are accepting Terms of Service. Most travellers to Morocco will take an organised Morocco desert tour and guide into the Sahara from Marrakech. He came 4th in the 2012 French presidential election achieving about 11% of the vote. Important information, general facts like geography and demographics, famous people, languages, and history of Morocco. Youssef Chippo… Please help us out and disable your ad-blocker. Shipping good protected Air-Mail registered worldwide up to 100g costs 4.00 USD. Imad Kotbi from $166/night. He joined the Hatnuah party in December 2012. By DakotaS • 7 replies. Méril is descended by her father from the Russian princely house Gagarin and by her mother from a Ukrainian noble family. In 2002 he played in the series Najib en Julia, which was directed by filmmaker Theo van Gogh, who was murdered in 2004 by a Muslim extremist. At those elections he won 8.15% of the votes cast and was elected to the European Parliament. ⁕Georges Simenon, the detective novelist and creator of Inspector Maigret Prince Moulay Rachid of Morocco, also known as Prince Moulay Rachid ben al-Hassan was born on 20 June 1970 in Rabat as the youngest male child of the late King Hassan II. He was named by France Football magazine as France Football African Footballer of the Year for 1986. Activists. He began his playing career in France at Lens before moving to English Premier League team Tottenham Hotspur in 2007. María Teresa Campos Luque is a Spanish journalist and television presenter. 25,425 sqm; A fluid sculptural form inspired by the Bouregreg River between the ancient cities of Rabat and Salé. … Other lots from … During the protest movement against the pension reform of 2010 his public stature grew thanks to his many public and television appearances. Attracted to Morocco by the famous madrasahs, Ibn Abbad emigrated there at an early age. “ Fascinating scenery around and a very passionate and extremely knowledgable local guide . In 1982, he authored a thesis for a state doctorate naming "Entre les servitudes de la houe et les sortilèges de la vache : le monde rural dans l'ancien Rwanda". Karim Kharbouch, known by his stage name French Montana, is an American rapper born in Morocco. El Kabir holds a Dutch passport. 3. Virenque finished twice on the podium in the Tour de France and won several stages, among them Mont Ventoux in 2002. In 1999 he starred with Hans Teeuwen and Kim van Kooten in the movie Jezus is een Palestijn. We are using cookies to make the website better. Here is a list of famous people from Morocco. She started, with Olivier Lafitte, her own production company in 2005 under the name Alko Productions. Incorporating an 1800-seat theatre, a 7,000 person amphitheatre and an experimental … Frida Boccara was born in Casablanca, Morocco. She was born in Tetuan, Spanish Morocco, the third of the six children of an upper-middle-class family. Carmen Elmakiyes Amos, Israeli social and political activist, medical clown, and filmmaker. Mohammed V and his family were then transferred to Madagascar in January 1954. Dounia Batma is a Moroccan singer who rose to popularity around the world as the runner-up of the first season of Arab Idol on MBC. Popular things to do here are riding camels over the dunes during either the sunrise or the sunset, camping out under the glorious desert skies, riding in 4X4’s or ATVs, and dune-boarding. # AA aa Vintage Amateur Negative To Make Photo From- Man-Woman-Disney Person? In November 2012 he surpassed Houari Boumédienne as the longest-serving President of Algeria. Rashid Ramzi is a Moroccan-Bahraini track and field athlete competing internationally for Bahrain in the 800 metres and 1500 metres. Yasmine remains the only star of Moroccan origins that developed a career in porn industry in Europe. He was the first player to bear the nickname of Black Pearl. International surf star Billy Kemper injured his pelvis while surfing in Morocco this week, the 19th of February. Famous Personalities from Morocco, Morocco Celebrities, Famous Moroccans Free Horoscopes charts, calculations Birth Natal Chart Online Calculator Ascendant, Rising Sign Calculator Astro Portrait: Sun, Moon, ASC Personal Daily Horoscope Transits, Progressions, Solar Return Synastry, Composite, Davison Chart Traditional Astrology Calculator Sidereal Astrology Calculator … He has represented Salé in the Moroccan parliament since 14 November 1997. Marrakesh: yes, I enjoy to love Marrakesh, it is a beautiful city and in anyway I love this place. The Berbers live in scattered communities across Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, Mali, Niger, and Mauritania. P… However, he has in the past described secularism as "a dangerous concept for Morocco", and in 2010 he campaigned, unsuccessfully, to ban a performance in Rabat by Elton John because it "promoted homosexuality". He set an Asian indoor record over 800 metres to take the silver at the 2004 IAAF World Indoor Championships—his first global medal—and took part in the 2004 Athens Olympics. ⁕Marcel Dassault, the aeronautics pioneer You may have seen him in movies like “The Da Vinci Code”, “The Pink Panther” and “Godzilla” . Morocco Jewelry, leather handcrafted rugs and many other crafts can be found in Medina. As a biographer, he has covered a diverse and eclectic range of subjects, including: Well-known for the “Green Belt Movement”, she has inspired many people the world over to take up the cause of afforestation. In 2007, El Moutawakel was named the Minister of Sports in the upcoming cabinet of Morocco. Sleeps 4 • 2 bedrooms • 2 bathrooms. Alain Souchon is a French singer, songwriter and actor. Born into a prestigious Moroccan family in the city of Fez, Mohammed Hajoui went on to hold the office of governor of Oujda for a period of seventeen years. This site is not affiliated with any government entity associated with a name similar to the site domain name. Larbi rose to fame in the French league and played for France after he acquired the French citizenship through naturalization. It has a barber heritage. A very modern airport, it has some convenient options to transport you to other locations in and around Morocco. He failed to retain his titles at the 2007 World Championships, but still took the silver medal over 1500 m. At the 2008 Summer Olympics he was the recipient of the first ever medal for Bahrain at the Olympics – winning the 1500 m gold medal. He says he suffered "cruel and barbaric treatment" at the hands of Israeli authorities while imprisoned, and suggests that his treatment would have been different if he had not converted to Christianity from Judaism. Bibiana Fernández, also known as Bibí Andersen is a Spanish actress, singer and model. Her songs are mostly in English but some lyrics as in the song Imik Si Mik are in the Berber languages. Rent a Home for Your Next Escape. Since then he has been arrested several times for violations of those restrictions, including giving various interviews to foreign journalists and attempting to leave Israel. He acceded to the throne on 23 July 1999 upon the death of his father, King Hassan II. He was also known as an outspoken critic of cultural ignorance. Insights about top trending companies, startups, investments and M&A Before coaching, he was a noted goalkeeper, appearing as the keeper for the Morocco national football team at the 1984 Summer Olympics and at the 1986 FIFA World Cup. He has received numerous awards and decorations, including the Gold Medal of the Academy of the Kingdom of Morocco in 1992 and the Intellectual first Class Merit Medal of Morocco in 1976. He was coach of KAC of Marrakech in the Moroccan First Division,resigning in November 2007. For more than fifteen years, he has been one of the most emblematic DJs in French hip hop. They were the first African team to enter the second round of the World Cup in Mexico’86 and that squad is their best ever. Jean-Luc Mélenchon is a French politician who served in the government of France as Minister of Vocational Education from 2000 to 2002. She moved to Málaga in 1942 and later to Madrid. Dominique Marie François René Galouzeau de Villepin is a French politician who served as the Prime Minister of France from 31 May 2005 to 17 May 2007. Best known for his autobiography For Bread Alone, which would later be translated into more than thirty languages, this Moroccan author was born in a small village in the Rif Mountains. Mohammed Khair Eddine This was due to his extensive knowledge, keen intellect and extraordinary piety. He played top-flight football in Morocco, France, Greece, England and Qatar before retiring in 2012. Philippe Xavier Christian Ignace Marie Barbarin is a French cardinal of the Roman Catholic Church, currently serving as Archbishop of Lyon in France. Yusuf ibn Tashfin, founder of the Almoravid dynasty. Most of the long distance flights arrive in Casablanca. Morocco is also increasingly a destination for Africans from other countries seeking better economic opportunities. His Mediterranean physique – Barbey is olive … He has also been capped while playing for Morocco. As a runaway living on the streets of Tangier, Choukri was determined to lift himself out of the poverty that surrounded him, which he did successfully. Berber, any of the descendants of the pre-Arab inhabitants of North Africa. Although most of his time as a Knesset member was spent with Likud, he also led the breakaway Gesher faction, which formed part of Ehud Barak's Labor-led government between 1999 and 2001. He lived in the 14th century and traveled to many parts of the world including North Africa, the Horn of Africa, South, Central and Southeast Asia, the Middle East. Azikiwe, Nnamdi – First President of modern Nigeria (1963 – 1966). He speaks Arabic and French. Tarik Elyounoussi is a Norwegian footballer playing for German Bundesliga club 1899 Hoffenheim. Mohamed Zafzaf There are many things that Morocco is famous for, but i believe Couscous is at the top. Samira Said. Élisabeth Guigou is a French socialist politician. 2 reviews. In February 1956 he successfully negotiated with France for the independence of Morocco, and in 1957 took the title of King. 22 on November 5, 2001. 2. Michel Louis Edmond Galabru is a French actor born on 27 October 1922 in Safi, Morocco. See all. Morocco is also famous for its warm hospitality, ancient cities, tasty dishes, sweeping deserts, beautiful landscape, and creative handmade items. Sanaa Hamri is a Moroccan American music video and film director. Najib Amhali was born in Nador. Rabat, Morocco; 2010 – 2021; Agence pour l'Aménagement de la Vallée du Bouregreg; Under Construction; Site Area: Approx. Son of storyteller and one of Morocco’s first photogaphers, André Elbaz certainly inherited his fathers legacy. She is a widow and has two daughters and three grandchildren. Katherine Pancol is a Moroccan-born French novelist. Pokimane. She submitted the song "Autrefois" to the French Eurovision Song Contest selection panel in 1964 but she was unsuccessful. Ahmad al-Mansur was an important figure in both Europe and Africa in the sixteenth century, his powerful army and strategic location made him an important power player in the late Renaissance period. He was the eldest son of Mohammed V, Sultan, then King of Morocco and his wife Lalla Abla bint Tahar. contact@daytranslations.com Call Us 1-800-969-6853 Help Center Blog Jan 23, 2021, 07:00am EST. Politically, Badiou is committed to the far left, and to the communist tradition. That's none of my business. It uses a combination of vegetables, meats, spices, and herbs to create dishes that people remember for years! He writes in Arabic and teaches Arab literature at the Mohammed V University in Rabat. Counted among the most famous of the 20th century Moroccan literary figures Mohammed Khair Eddine often featured the cities and towns of Agadir and Tiznit amongst others in his works. Amhali created some cabaret shows himself, such as: Freefight, Veni Vidi Vici, Vol is Vol, Most Wanted and Zorg dat je erbij komt. No part of this site shall be reproduced, copied, or otherwise distributed without the express, written consent of Morocco.com. She appeared in Marock (2005) and Pascal Laugier's horror film Martyrs (2008). He has starred in several feature films, including Coco, Hors de prix, La Doublure and Midnight in Paris. His fashion archive was showcased in preparation for his retrospective "Gallie Rock" in Paris by photographers Tim and Barry, modelled by Cassette Playa, M.I.A., Jammer, Matthew Stone, Slew Dem Crew, and more. It has a barber heritage. In 1733 he decided to leave his native country and settle in the Land of Israel, then under the Ottoman Empire. In Morocco, he experiences a sense of freedom and sensual recognition, as if his body was already familiar with the light, the colors and the textures; and he feels in harmony with his environment, most probably because he was born in Morocco and spent his first twelve years between Salé, Rabat, Marrakesh and Tangiers. As President, he presided over the end of the bloody Algerian Civil War in 2002, and he ended emergency rule in February 2011 amidst regional unrest. He is named after his grandfather Hassan II; if and when he succeeds to the throne, he will become Hassan III. Over a period of thirty years, Ibn Battuta visited most of the known Islamic world as well as many non-Muslim lands. I mean, pictures often don’t show the true reality of a place, especially the ones on IG. Jeanne-Claude. Ibn Battuta Was From Morocco . Image of morocco, jemaa, marrakech - 104612268 Zulu, Shaka (1787 – 1828). $3.00 + … They speak various Amazigh languages belonging to … En route he was detained in Livorno by the rich members of the Jewish community who established a yeshiva for him. Trouvez les Menara Gardens Marrakech images et les photos d’actualités parfaites sur Getty Images. ⁕Hergé, the creator of The Adventures of Tintin "The Moroccan Magician" reached the quarter-finals of the Australian Open twice and the French Open twice. 1 spot on the list. If you don’t like flying or just want something different, there are several car and passenger … Due to the many years spent in Spain – his entire professional career, which spanned nearly 15 years – he also holds a passport from that country. Mayssa Maghrebi is the Moroccan-Emirati actress. He also reached the fourth round of the French Open in both 1999 and 2002 and won one singles title. One of the most popular things that Morocco is famous for is the cuisine. He was, until 2006, vice president of the French subsidiary of production company Endemol. Photo about The most famous Moroccan square at sunset is crowded with stalls and tourists. During the Libyan civil war, Bouteflika refused to allow coalition aircraft to pass through Algerian airspace. Kingdom of Morocco Abdelhadi Tazi Having won a plurality of seats in the November 2011 parliamentary election, his party formed a coalition with three parties that had been part of previous governments, and he was appointed as Prime Minister on 29 November 2011. 01 April 1991. Famous people with African Connection. Having been unable to break into the first team at Spurs under either Juande Ramos or Harry Redknapp, Taarabt moved to QPR on loan in July 2009. from $72/night. Home > Famous People > Nationality: Morocco > Astro database, Astro-Databank Famous People - Astro database of 94.604 celebrity charts and 330.534 movies Seek: Celebrity Name Ziri ibn Manad, founder of the Zirid dynasty. Casablanca - Perles de Tamaris - Jardins, piscines et mer. Larbi Benbarek or Larbi Ben Mbarek was a Moroccan football player recognized as the first successful African player in Europe. Working in French, English, Japanese, Spanish and Italian, he has appeared in numerous successful films such as Crimson Rivers, Godzilla, The Da Vinci Code, Mission: Impossible, The Pink Panther, Ronin, Les visiteurs, The Big Blue and Léon: The Professional. He currently plays for Omani football club Al-Nasr Salalah. Since the mid-1990s, he has also been an entrepreneur in the audiovisual field. 55,000 sqm ; Capacity: 2000 seats ; GFA: Approx. Morocco is also a journey into a timeless, tranquil world of cute coastal villages, colorful-painted towns that cling to hillsides, and remote outposts defended by fairy-tale adobe forts. 9. She is one of the few prominent female film and music video directors. By our standards, that’s expensive. He also publishes a blog, “La république des livres.”. Africa Travelers should be attentive when requesting a ticket ... All trademarks and web sites that appear throughout this site are the property of their respective owners. Oct 9, 2014 - Explore Maroc Désert Expérience's board "Moroccan People", followed by 734 people on Pinterest. Mélenchon left the Socialist Party in November 2008 to found the Left Party with French deputy Marc Dolez. The buildings are Sudanese in style and the mosque with In Salah is slowly being encroached by a moving sand dune. Hong Kong's famous Star Ferry, with roots dating back to 1880, costs only a few Hong Kong Dollars to ride, making it one of the best deals in all of Hong Kong. Frida Boccara was a French singer. Najib Amhali is a Moroccan-born Dutch stand-up comedian and actor. J.R.R. He is the only Haitian to have ever earned a Top 25 world ranking in singles, reaching as high as World No. He's also teaching at the French Institute of Defense Studies. His birthday is a public holiday. A famous environmentalist from Kenya, Wangari Maathai is the first woman from the under privileged region of East and Central Africa to have attained a doctorate. Abbas El Fassi ah-BASS ehl FASS-ee was the Prime Minister of Morocco from 19 September 2007 to 29 November 2011. Morjana Alaoui (born November 30, 1982) is a Moroccan-French actress. The Arabs arrived as early as the late 8th century and conquered much of the coastal region. Counted among the most famous of the 20th century Moroccan literary figures Mohammed Khair Eddine often featured the cities and towns of Agadir and Tiznit amongst others in his works. Anouar Hajoui better known as DJ Cut Killer or just Cut Killer is a renowned French DJ of Moroccan origin with a versatile repertoire of hip hop and rap. Her song shared first place. Add one of those to your bucket list. An opponent of Hassan II, he "disappeared" in Paris in 1965. Chefchaouen Medina. 5 million and she is ranked at No. The actress starts acting since 2000 and currently she is the famous actress in all the Gulf nations. These are the ten best Moroccan soccer players of all time. Born in Midelt, Morocco, Khalid Skah established himself first as a good cross country runner by winning the IAAF World Cross Country Championships in 1990 and 1991. 01 October 1973. In this book, he rejects what he calls "the victimization paradigm," which says colonial exploitation and the slave trade brought Africa to its knees, rejects solutions based on Western guilt and claim that a correct interpretation of history is necessary for Africans to "build a future on a more solid foundation" and save an African continent ravaged by famine, economic disaster and civil war. The entirety of his work is written in French, although his first language is Arabic. Thami El Glaoui or El Haj T'hami el Mezouari el Glaoui, better known in English-speaking countries as T'hami El Glaoui or Lord of the Atlas, was the Pasha of Marrakech from 1912 to 1956. Naybet played a record 115 matches for the Morocco national football team from 1990 to 2006. Di Pasquale is best remembered for his bronze medal at the 2000 Summer Olympics in the men's singles event. Mohammed Abed Al-Jabri Youssef Mokhtari is a Moroccan footballer who currently plays for SV Wacker Burghausen. He also wrote of his encounters in Tangier with noted writers Paul Bowles, Tennessee Williams and Jean Genet, as well as a further two autobiographical works, Streetwise and Faces, which together with For Bread Alone were combined into a trilogy. He is also leader of the Justice and Development Party. Montana is known for his frequent collaborations with Max B, and more recently with Rick Ross along with his group Coke Boys which includes rappers Chinx Drugz, Cheeze, and Flip. Khalid Skah is a Moroccan track and field athlete, winner of 10,000 metres at the 1992 Summer Olympics. He was a controversial writer who defied conventionalism by raising pertinent sociological and political questions, drawing his inspiration from the people and life around him.